All grown up and nowhere to go

Your hair smells like roses

Posted on: August 31, 2009

Ahh… What a lovely Monday it’s turned out to be. I’m stress-free because it’s my last rotation day and I’ve completed the big presentation the previous Friday. Got in to office at 9.30 AM and have just been wrapping up stuff ever since – preparing for my final review, sorting through items to shred / port over, etc. Everything done in a cloud of bliss as I kept breathing in the fresh fragrance of my hair.

It’s smelling a little like my new Redken Fresh Curls shampoo & a lot like the Kerastase treatment I had last weekend. Apparently research has shown that many females feel more confident when they have a good hair day. I suppose it’s true. I’m feeling so confident now, I want to ask everyone to sniff my hair.

I have to say, my visits to Action hair salon have been really therapeutic thanks to the shampoo-orgasm, milk teas and nice blow-and-style sessions. Every time I come out my hair always feels flippy and whimsical, like I’m in a rom-com flick and I’m the leading star, walking along the street in slow-mo and about to meet my modern prince charming by accidentally bumping into him. He gets a whiff of my freshly washed hair and  forevermore views me from behind rose-tinted glasses.

Of course, it feels like that but things like that hardly happen. Bleh.

OK, time to grace the outside world with my flippy-haired presence. Kerr kerr*.

*Kerr kerr: (secondary meaning) noise one makes when feeling awfully chuffed with one’s self.


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