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There was an earthquake earlier. I got dizzy trying to update some of our charts while the whole building wobbled rhythmically. It felt a bit like motion sickness from a boat ride, and I don’t even get motion sickness. B-A-D.

And speaking about bad, herewith is the promised BAD GALness from a previous post, transiting into weekend-effortless-slackeroo outfits.

“Very Motion”, says Jing



Tee from a random shop and DIY torn, ZARA boyfriend blazer, ASOS gold-lined skinny trousers, H&M sunnies, Dorothy Perkins oversized gold clutch, Aldo pumps

Ride It Like You Stole It



Forever21 ‘ride it like you stole it’ graphic tank, Forever21 leather shorts, ZARA boyfriend blazer, Forever21 long chain, Aldo zip-detail heels

Army Boy, Except It’s A Girl & With Studs




Forever21 zip-detail bodysuit, Forever21 jeggings, ZARA crinkle crop jacket, Pedder Red sneaker boots – WOO WAA WAA.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold, It’s Pink Sequin




Magazine-worthy beauty shot of Jing, no? Fuck bitch stop looking so hot you already have a bf.

Topshop sequinned crop top (quite a tongue twister, say it fast), Forever21 ripped jeans, Aldo zip-detail heels, my hot BFF.

Sunday Brunch Slackness with a Hint of Wedge




Asos nude dress, Primark boyfriend vest, Forever21 gladiator wedges

That’s all for Mon & Jing’s mostly boomz photoshoot. I feel like doing another one after our Asos shipment comes… Hur hur. It’s like photowhoring, but in different outfits. Revelation.


I stuttered for the first time since donkey years. Swoon.

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she’ll feel compelled to justify the existence of the moutain of clothes at the bottom of her bed by doing DIY shoots in them. This is a rite of passage often overlooked in one’s happening schedule, but inevitably evoked by the need to procrastinate from GMAT.

So here goes, there’s even a theme transitioning from royal elegance (buhaha) to rock star BAD GAL. BADDD GALLLLL.

Yes, This Is Normally How I Dress At Home




Trixilini dress, Forever21 beaded hairband, Forever21 cascading chain choker

Flower Girl At A Wedding



Asos dress, Forever21 hairband

Atas Stepfordian Wife



Asos nude dress (worn as top), Diane von Furstenberg geometric skirt, Primark pearls

Princess Tam-Tam in The Jungle



Warehouse lepperd preenz dress (can’t… resist… ris low…), Primark pearls

Get Me Some Real Ballet Shoes



Asos cutout back top (but cannot see), Warehouse tulle skirt, Aldo zip-detail heels, Aldo classic black heels, Forever21 bangle

Friday Work Outfit (When You Don’t Have to Stay Back)




Zara chain-detail bubble hem dress, Aldo zip-detail heels

And the BAD GALness is coming in the next post. Sleepytime, after being bugged by Jing to see 1,049 Bangkok hotels before we decided to be cheapos and go with Baiyoke Boutique. Corrr… can’t wait for our trip. I’m aiming to be a triathlete specializing in massages, bargain-shopping and eating. It’s a tough road to go but I shall train my darnedest to be the best massage-shop-eat triathlete there is in the whole universe of massage-shop-eat triathlon.


These men hi-tops look like the studded sneaker boots I got from Pedder Red! I has manly taste.


If this ain’t the most coolio bootie ever created by mankind, I don’t know what is…

I’m supposed to spend this weekend studying GMAT but somehow have spent more hours ASOS-ing and checking out fashion blogs as opposed to actually studying.

Jing’s coming by tomorrow for one of our DIY photo shoots (was looking through my old blog posts and came across our wardrobe sale post… fun fun!), so I’m gonna think of how to style the outfits and match them with my burgeoning collection of shoes…  In particular I look forward to snapping a shot in my new Trixilini dress, O Wallet-Crimping One. But I think first of all I need to clear the perpetual mess on my bed. Heh.

Am thinking of going to Joan Bowen for my mini birthday celebration (as recommended by Pearls from work), it seems like a special place with a great cause.

It feels like I’ve had to hold my breath under water for ages and I’ve just managed to come up for air, before having to plunge in again. Tomorrow’s gonna be one hectic Friday with the Singapore IP release, my boss gone and a write-up of our current views to publish. Just thinking about it has my mind all boggled up, especially since I’m still doing trial and error on my new Reuters terminal. Everything is organized so differently from Bloomberg I don’t know where to get my data from.


It’s felt like a super long week for some reason… Despite the fact that we only had to start work on Tuesday!

Oh well, enough about work… Life’s dreary enough as it is, there’s no need to blog about it. Am gonna take in some comfort food for the soul in the form of browsing ASOS and Forever21 for pretty headbands (yes ’tis indeed a very girly/princessy sort of obsession, but then again if you can’t be a princess in your own mind then you can’t be a princess at all…).

I wish there was some way I could be a tai-tai, such a perfect career path. Job scope includes having tea and scones, pilates, and organizing mini charity balls. I could totally see myself doing that, except maybe for the pilates bit (so s..l..o..w..). So how? How does one work to becoming a tai-tai, without the aid of a grossly uber rich hubby?? Maybe I should set up a “How to be a tai-tai” class, then all the newly minted tai-tai’s will come to my class, and I can live a tai-tai lifestyle paid for by tai-tai’s! Awesomeness.


OK. ASOS time.

So we have a long weekend this week. Yyyyiipppeeeeeeeeeee! Selamat Hari Raya. Yet half of it is quickly gone, eaten up like a Big Mac chugged down by a fat kid. Ah well, I suppose I’ll just be grateful that tomorrow is the one Sunday that I won’t feel depressed as my heart fills with a certain foreboding sense of doom. Rather than Monday Blues, I shall suffer Tuesday Blues for once, and it won’t be so bad as it’s gonna be a short week.



I met up with the dance girls last night, a rare occurrence I must say ever since we graduated. It was really nice to catch up and to hear about what everyone’s doing, and then the conversation inevitably flowed in the direction of bee gee arr, which is always a fun topic. I hope we’ll meet again soon, I need a good dosage of female companion to negate the male-centric environment of MTP.


Today, I had my dress delivered and it was just as beautiful as the first time I saw it. Iridescent deep blue with a pink-purple sheen, it’s just the colour you would imagine if the sun were to force its way to shine during the night. To date, I’ve no inkling why I bought it, with the hefty price tag slapped on and all. There’s no occasion  for it (possibly future weddings, eg. my cousin’s, but there’s a salmon colour theme which I presume I’d have to stick to). There’re no lovely expensive dinner dates that could possibly warrant its use. There’re no cocktail parties, nor galas, nor fashion shows…

So why bother buying it if no one will ever see it?

I suppose the only thing that can explain it is that I was in love.

Can’t you just see it on Facebook? ‘Mon is in a relationship with an iridescent deep blue gown.’

(I know this is inane, but humor me please, I just spent the better part of my salary on the bloody thing. @#&*^)

On another front, my 48kg face is a lot rounder now thanks to my now flatter hair. I wanted to straighten my hair so I went to Action. They gave me a ‘softening’ instead of a ‘straightening’, but the difference must be so subtle that you have to be a hair connoisseur to detect it. So yes. Flat hair (but I left the curls at the end to avoid looking like your friendly neighbourhood ah lian) = big fat cheeks. I’m never showing my face around town again. Which is good, since I have to concentrate and be committed to my new-found relationship.

(Also no money anyway.)

This has been an entirely uncalled for girly whining / yabbering session, all because my gf’s are otherwise occupied with their bf’s and can’t be my listening ear. Sob. Ah… to be the one single girl amidst coupled-off/engaged young career women… I feel so lacking. I’m glad I’ve found someonething now.


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