All grown up and nowhere to go

a nong, nong week follows

Posted on: September 24, 2009

It feels like I’ve had to hold my breath under water for ages and I’ve just managed to come up for air, before having to plunge in again. Tomorrow’s gonna be one hectic Friday with the Singapore IP release, my boss gone and a write-up of our current views to publish. Just thinking about it has my mind all boggled up, especially since I’m still doing trial and error on my new Reuters terminal. Everything is organized so differently from Bloomberg I don’t know where to get my data from.


It’s felt like a super long week for some reason… Despite the fact that we only had to start work on Tuesday!

Oh well, enough about work… Life’s dreary enough as it is, there’s no need to blog about it. Am gonna take in some comfort food for the soul in the form of browsing ASOS and Forever21 for pretty headbands (yes ’tis indeed a very girly/princessy sort of obsession, but then again if you can’t be a princess in your own mind then you can’t be a princess at all…).

I wish there was some way I could be a tai-tai, such a perfect career path. Job scope includes having tea and scones, pilates, and organizing mini charity balls. I could totally see myself doing that, except maybe for the pilates bit (so s..l..o..w..). So how? How does one work to becoming a tai-tai, without the aid of a grossly uber rich hubby?? Maybe I should set up a “How to be a tai-tai” class, then all the newly minted tai-tai’s will come to my class, and I can live a tai-tai lifestyle paid for by tai-tai’s! Awesomeness.


OK. ASOS time.


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