All grown up and nowhere to go


Posted on: September 26, 2009


If this ain’t the most coolio bootie ever created by mankind, I don’t know what is…

I’m supposed to spend this weekend studying GMAT but somehow have spent more hours ASOS-ing and checking out fashion blogs as opposed to actually studying.

Jing’s coming by tomorrow for one of our DIY photo shoots (was looking through my old blog posts and came across our wardrobe sale post… fun fun!), so I’m gonna think of how to style the outfits and match them with my burgeoning collection of shoes…  In particular I look forward to snapping a shot in my new Trixilini dress, O Wallet-Crimping One. But I think first of all I need to clear the perpetual mess on my bed. Heh.

Am thinking of going to Joan Bowen for my mini birthday celebration (as recommended by Pearls from work), it seems like a special place with a great cause.


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