All grown up and nowhere to go

mon and jing’s mostly boomz photoshoot. part 1.

Posted on: September 28, 2009

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she’ll feel compelled to justify the existence of the moutain of clothes at the bottom of her bed by doing DIY shoots in them. This is a rite of passage often overlooked in one’s happening schedule, but inevitably evoked by the need to procrastinate from GMAT.

So here goes, there’s even a theme transitioning from royal elegance (buhaha) to rock star BAD GAL. BADDD GALLLLL.

Yes, This Is Normally How I Dress At Home




Trixilini dress, Forever21 beaded hairband, Forever21 cascading chain choker

Flower Girl At A Wedding



Asos dress, Forever21 hairband

Atas Stepfordian Wife



Asos nude dress (worn as top), Diane von Furstenberg geometric skirt, Primark pearls

Princess Tam-Tam in The Jungle



Warehouse lepperd preenz dress (can’t… resist… ris low…), Primark pearls

Get Me Some Real Ballet Shoes



Asos cutout back top (but cannot see), Warehouse tulle skirt, Aldo zip-detail heels, Aldo classic black heels, Forever21 bangle

Friday Work Outfit (When You Don’t Have to Stay Back)




Zara chain-detail bubble hem dress, Aldo zip-detail heels

And the BAD GALness is coming in the next post. Sleepytime, after being bugged by Jing to see 1,049 Bangkok hotels before we decided to be cheapos and go with Baiyoke Boutique. Corrr… can’t wait for our trip. I’m aiming to be a triathlete specializing in massages, bargain-shopping and eating. It’s a tough road to go but I shall train my darnedest to be the best massage-shop-eat triathlete there is in the whole universe of massage-shop-eat triathlon.


1 Response to "mon and jing’s mostly boomz photoshoot. part 1."

both of you look amazing! I love your dress! and jing looks hot in the red asos dress. why dont you let me take pics of you next time?! hahaha.

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