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I’m so happy I keep knocking into things… And I think Andri, Chis & Yang are totally pissed with me for swooning so much.


Met Chloe Lala (+Chad… such a manly name which can’t be carried off by anyone Singaporean) & Yang for dins at Tonkichi. Food was OK, company was hilarious! I told them my bunny story (I have a ‘rad & loud’ bunny cushion to rest my back against at work) and they’re all of the opinion that I’m crazy.

Maybe I am crazy… A few diferent people have told me that this week. Maybe I should get myself checked in at the hospital and pray that the doctor attending to my mental health is cute.

Am getting a bit sick of work… After this weekend’s slog I’m gonna take a breather.

Must. Exercise. Control. Cannot. Like. Him. Mmmgghhhhhhhhnyeerrrrr.

My tenacity amazes me sometimes. After ramen dinner with Zee, I got home and finally used my long-forgotten facial scrub/mask combo. It’s just one of those nights when you feel like slapping mud on your face, I guess. I’m proud of myself for having massaged nutrients onto my facial skin cells for 20 minutes straight before rinsing it all off. It feels so fresh afterwards! (of course I also look like shit, raw skin and all). And then… and then… I actually used my Origins no puffy eyes eye gel! Like, zomg. I’ll be a beauty pageant winner in no time surely, if this regime ensues.

This is such a cost-saving exercise, now I can save all the moolah I previously spent on Jurlique facials… and spend it on shoes! WOO HOOOO!

Not one of those boring pumps, yet doesn’t have to cost $1,000 like a pair of Louboutins… (although I maintain that every girl MUST purchase Louboutins at least once in her life time – I’m still saving for mine this Christmas)

From Forever21:
taupe bootiesmilitary bootsknee high glads

  From Aldo:




From Kurt Geiger:





Quiet Saturday, perfect for browsing shoes online & playing a totally geeky casual game – Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour. I think I spent 5 hours mixing & matching clothes. Hur hur.

I’m pretty in lust with KG’s Darcy… Gravitas will be uber cool with a one-tone mini dress. Thinking of getting Aldo’s Segura tomorrow with the voucher that Syd just passed to me (thanks Jess/Syd/Mel!)… Mmmmm delish. Gotta lubb new shoes.

I’ve had enough of this parade
I’m thinking of the words to say
We open up unfinished parts
Broken up, it’s only luck

And when I see you then I know it will be next to me
And when I need you then I know you will be there with me
I’ll never leave you

Just need to get closer, closer
lean on me now, lean on me now
Closer, closer
lean on me now, lean on me now

(Travis, Closer)

I like you but I’ll never let you know. Never let you know I thought about you this morning, and right now when I’m about to sleep.

It’ll be something I’ll always regret.