All grown up and nowhere to go

travelog #0: singapore

Posted on: December 19, 2009

Flying back home to Jakarta tomorrow to attend younger cousin’s wedding. The fact that he’s getting married at 23 when I can’t even maintain a relationship with my hairdresser is not depressing in the least. What’s depressing is the very probable likelihood that I’m not going to be able to fit into my Trixilini dress for the wedding anymore after continuous bingeing at work.

Why? Why do the gods create McDonalds breakfast with pancakes on the menu?? Why are there kaya toasts??? Worst of all, why do delicious excessively sweet teh exist? (I’m hoping all the dancing I’ve done recently has a somewhat muting effect on the fat load accumulation, but the fact that I eat before+after the dancing may have an even more muting effect on the supposed muting effect.)

Anyways, bloody jampacked flying ahead. Saturday noon to Jakarta, wedding on Sunday, then we’re off to a Bali “family holiday” on Monday. Flying back to Jakarta on Thursday, Christmas on Friday, then back to Sing on Saturday night.

“Then… when would we have time to shop?” I asked my dad (I’d wanted to restock my Indo-translated Jap comics). But does he care? NOOOOO.

Anyways, it’s midnight and I’ve yet to coordinate space for the three pairs of heels I’m bringing into half a suitcase (my space allocation, as sharing with younger sis… I’m hoping to invade some of her territories). Adios!


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