All grown up and nowhere to go

travelog #1: jakarta

Posted on: December 20, 2009

Just finished cousin’s wedding. If I have to hear any more “so when’s it your turn, haha” jokes I will scream. My uncles were even asking me if, when it comes to my turn, I’d invite them over to Sing since I’ll probably have my wedding there. Since the question came after 3 slices of tiramisu (and a fruit tart), I was too overwhelmed and told them to direct all free flight requests to my dad.

I haven’t yet found the perfect response which would include the fact that I’m single and don’t bloody hell know when and even if I’ll be getting married without sounding sad/desperate/angsty, although I really am comfortable with my flying-solo situation.

Anyhow, Bali flight tomorrow at 8am, so I’d better wipe the gunk off my face and sleep… My wasp nest of a hair needs a wash too.


1 Response to "travelog #1: jakarta"

HELLO! I MISS U! COME BACK HOME SOON! (but have fun in baliiiii)

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