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gambling & sex

Posted on: February 8, 2010

Gonna go for Broadway Jazz tomorrow so have to dig out old dance shoes (Zee, imma trying the class with Syd tomorrow, I’ll let you know if it’s any good).

Before digging out dance shoes I’m allowing myself a half hour Procrastination Break, ‘cuz everybody knows how much of a pain in the arse digging things out is.

So newsflash during Procrastination Break:
1. Resorts World Sentosa, aka RWS, aka one of gambling god’s two gifts to men, will open its casino doors on 13 Feb. I can hear the sound of chips falling and knocking into each other already!

2. I got nothin.

Oh yes. Sex. What can I say about sex… (I wrote the title of the post first, and thought “mmm what word would go with ‘gambling’ “?)

Sex is overrated, at least for women. It’s the epitome of instant gratification (3 seconds), after which there’d be an anti-climax (hur hur pun). Really, what’s in it for women, who crave long-term affection, comfort and care? On the other hand, men are creatures of lust and convenience. Instant gratification was created for them.

So I think men should compensate women for sacrificing their own need for being cared for. I think, as part of ANY courtship – be it a 50-year marriage, 10-year relationship, 2-weeks old infatuation or 1-night stand – the man should bequeath a pair of Louboutins to the woman before anything kissy-kissy happens. Just to show that he respects her as an equal, and think of her highly even though all he wants is a quickie.

I’m pretty sure that if my wonderfully brilliant idea is followed, you’d see less women having low self-worths or feeling empty after a supposed “love” making session. I’m sure that the guys who do stick around to give Louboutins are the ones with enough mettle to stay for the long run.

But of course, as time goes by, the Louboutins would have to be upgraded to something which costs more, just as men get sanitized to the concept of it… So my suggested five-step upgrade:

1. Louboutins
2. Birkin bag
3. Car
4. House
5. Engagement ring


4 Responses to "gambling & sex"

(about the dance class) kay! shucks i’ll have to get shoes for the class? … hmmmm.

actually, if u get a payoff, doesn’t it then seem like the man is paying for sex!?

no matter how you look at it, the men always pay for sex.

It’s actually alot cheaper if they visit hookers 😉

so is a breakfast in bed made by the man also considered a payoff?

I don’t see it as paying for sex though. The effort of picking up a pair of Louboutins involve thought:

1. what’s her shoe size?
2. what kind of shoes does she like, so i can please her and she’ll agree to do *it*?

As well as substantial financial investment.

That means the man will have to get to know you enough to get a sense of your style, it’ll also encourage him to go shopping with you sometime.

I think this is significantly more meaningful than paying the woman cash for sex no?

The key to the argument is to get him more invested in you. Giving gifts involve a certain vulnerability on his part (possibility that you will hate what he picked out). Once you dig that out you get the soul of the man…

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