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How to prepare for Chinese New Year

Posted on: February 13, 2010

This year, I’m doing CNY prep in style, and here’s how you can do it too!

Friday 12 Feb 2010

1. Go for minor eye surgery to remove oil gland lump from eyelid
2. In the evening, go for an arthouse movie with eye still swollen despite doctor’s forecast that all will be well in a few hours
3. Meet friends @ Donna Carmela at Greenwood for some yummy pasta and parma ham, and attempt to cajole friend who was just offered a good job to pay for meal but to no avail
4. Agree to go to ROM at 6 am the next morning so friend and I can apply for an HDB
5. Dinner over, friendships now turn to war for money in the poker table at the MTP compounds
6. Argue about the Louboutins-for-sex theory while throwing chips around and feeling cards. Discovered poker players are largely sensitive new age guys.
7. Apply antibiotic eye cream to eye in the toilet while friends continue to donate money to one another.
8. At 2 am, discuss the philosophical question “Would you rather meet the love of your life but stay poor forever, or receive $10 million?”
9. Amount jacked up to $1 billion to entice.
10. Discovered poker players are largely idealists who try to find loopholes in the philosophical question.
11. Driven home by friend, singing Close to You

Saturday 13 Feb 2010F (that is F for forecast, means I have yet to do the things listed below but most likely intend to. Although if economic forecasts are anything to go by it’s probably a hit-and-miss)

1. Properly wake up and play with remaining lump on eyelid
2. Finish this blog entry feeling like a comedic genius
3. Find out what time the 4-episode back-to-back Glee will show on Star World
4. Wash up and eat breakfast/lunch while playing with remaining lump on eyelid
5. SPRING CLEAN ROOM v. important!
6. REALLY spring clean room, instead of just folding one piece of clothing and putting it into the cupboard!
7. Thoroughly ponder whether or not to ship the UO stuff now, or shop some more and combine the shipping to Singapore
8. Play with remaining lump on eyelid, contemplate terrorizing doctor on why it hasn’t all gone away yet
9. Reunion dinner!!! Steamboat!
10. Check the weighing scale to ensure it is not faulty


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Hohoho! I love this post 😀

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