All grown up and nowhere to go

Umm… shit.

Posted on: February 15, 2010

Good news! This second day of Lunar New Year the weird oil gland lump in my right eyelid has receded. Although not completely healed yet, I’m hopeful that the eyelid would return to normal by close of the week.

However, other matters have cropped up which are making me go ‘Umm… shit’ on a regular basis, like those Shaolin monks with their Amitabha’s.

1. Humongous credit card bill. While exacerbated by
– London ticket
– Over $600 spent to fix the goddamn eyelid infection
– Miu Miu purse
– Hong Kong ticket,
it is still crazy a lot of money without the above incurrences.

2. In relation to the above, rejected medical claim for the goddamn eye specialist. Like, what’s the deal, <insert company name here>? Have you not sucked enough of my blood, sweat, tears, love life (lack of), and weekday nights? Just fuckin’ approve the fuckin’ claim, yah? Fuckin’ <insert company name here>. It’s not that I’d give up the ghost so easily and pay for the medical stuff on my own, but just the thought of having to call the insurance company and arguing with them is a pain in the arse. Also need to go back to GP and get a copy of the fuckin’ referral letter which the fuckin’ eye specialist took. Shitfuckall.

3. ASOS shipment isn’t here yet. I spent $360 on that (okay less ‘cos my colleague rode on my order as well, but still, since it shows on my credit card bill I feel the pain more). It has been more than the 10-11 business days slated delivery time, and they kept saying the order is untrackable.

4. UO shipment is held by Borderlinx. Why? Why? Why???

5. Weight gain, but this is nothing new.

6. I really want to buy stuff from Forever21 but how can I when my credit card bill is like Hades trying to consume me into the underworld???


7 Responses to "Umm… shit."

my freaking goodness babe do u really have a disease??? i mean your shopping habits not your eye btw… what happened to your eye??? in any case im quite sure its suffering less than your credit card….

oh, i love that bird-foot cardigan frm f21…why in the world isit named after my worst feared animal????

omg u didnt know abt my eye?? see lah you dont care about me anymore… boo hoo. both were infected. left one healed quickly but right one developed this hard lump on the eyelid called chalazion which had to be surgeried away…

anyway YEEEESSS i am really diseased. I think my paycheck just came in and already contemplating buying stuff from f21. the cardigan is nice right!!

how am i supposed to know about your eye when u didnt tell me…!!! chalazion sounds kinda funky though. wanna chalazion?? sounds like a pick-up line.. anw hold ur shopping for hk lah stupid girl

hahaha yeah im holding on for hk, i’m gonna bring you to citygate mall where all the discount branded stuff are… dvf, calvin klein, n on pedder shoes… wooo wooo! eh r we gonna go any theme parks? 😀

i better start saving up bahhh. haha. theme parks? im easy on that… go/dont go doesnt really matter to me.. if ur keen i dont mind..

haha babe you dont wanna just shop the whole day right… but omg we are going to the uniqlo in hk!

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