All grown up and nowhere to go

london day 3, or a dim sum eating, pork cooking, hot shower-less extravaganza

Posted on: March 8, 2010

It’s been a pretty productive few days ever since I stepped off the plane (Emirates, the service and smells were better for the second leg of the journey Dubai – London vs. first leg Sing – Dubai). I slept for most of Friday, trying to acclimatize to the weather (5 deg for day, possibly near 0 at night, plus wind it is literally breath-taking) (speaking of which, why would someone describe something awesome as ‘breathtaking’? There’s nothing nice about feeling like you can’t breathe, especially when you experience the breathtaking sensation while walking past the London Eye surrounded by buskers who tout ‘ni hao’s in a semi-racist way).

Saturday was spent walking to Pret to get takeaway breakfast, eating that takeaway breakfast while reading Gossip Girl, taking the tube to Oxford Street to fulfill my Uniqlo fantasies, and then we had window-shopping at Zara done as well as dinner at 1997 and some casino-visiting. I’m trying to grow some balls this weekend so I can play the cash tables during weeknights – blinds are 1/2 quid, equivalent to 2/5 games back home I suppose, although each table have different volatility dynamics. It’s Sunday night now and last time I checked, no balls yet. But I WILL make it a point to play at least for one night!

Sunday was walking to ‘Bucks (!!!!!!!!!) to get takeaway breakfast, eating that takeaway breakfast while reading Gossip Girl (side note: lemon and poppy seed muffin – isn’t poppy used to make drugs? Maybe I was semi-high from the muffin the whole day and did not realise). We walked to Chinatown for some dim sum lovin’, checked out the Zara at Covent Garden, and then some studying back home. I’m getting more headway with CFA level 2 (1.5 chapters) here than back home (not a single book cracked open).

Still have Primark and H&M to cross off my list. And awaiting books from! Apparently my blog entries have been revolving around shopping lately. Sigh… What to do? I am an empty husk of material purchases and big poker talk after all (although soon to be loaded with CFA L2 knowledge yeah baby!) (oh, and Gossip Girl developments. OMG what is up with that Nate, just pick Blair over Serena already!)


1 Response to "london day 3, or a dim sum eating, pork cooking, hot shower-less extravaganza"

seems like ur taking it easy on this vacation 🙂 hugss

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