All grown up and nowhere to go

mandatory shopping post

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Demure heels for Spring? I’m imagining ditsy flower frocks, after-shopping tea, and these slingbacks.

Spazzolato tote. It’s everywhere in the Prada campaign ads, and the styling made it look totally elegant and crave-worthy vs. cheap-looking, tie-dyed and plastic, which was my initial reaction.

This shit is sold out EVERYWHERE, for 25cm and 30cm. The pink ostrich looks even prettier, but I can’t even get a picture of that one because it is sold out EVERYWHERE. From USD13,000 and above, why am I even bothering??

Almost bought these supposedly ‘classic’  Tod’s pumps, in white patent with black lining. I guess I was channeling a nurse that day or something. Close call!


2 Responses to "mandatory shopping post"

love the first pair! and agree the tod’s are a close shave. thank goodness u didn’t get ’em!

u can get your prada fix when we go to toh-kee-yoh next yr!

zazazaw. toh kee yoh has cheap prada?? i’d better save up loads of $$!

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