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futurama rocks my socks

Posted on: April 4, 2010

Clickie for Futurama, the best thing since buttered toast with honey.

I just did something unthinkable, by the way. This Thursday after poker I was online shopping at ASOS, painstakingly picking out items to add to my basket. I had about 20 tabs open and my Internet Explorer (I’m so Microsoft that way, never did see the point in Firefox. It be the same thing with cheesier name?) threatened to die on me. The process of checking measurements, zooming to see garment texture, price comparisons between similar items, etc. took 3 days. And now, currently, as of this present moment, on Sunday night, with Monday blues slipping in through the crack below my bedroom door, I have decided to close the browser entirely.

Before checking out.


(pause to allow for long gasp)

I took the time (15 mins) to clean up some in my room and realized I had too much stuff… Even after 2 rounds of spring cleaning before Chinese New Year 😦 I actually unearthed some UO and F21 shopping, which felt sort of like discovering treasure, especially because I don’t remember having them. Well, it’s technically prepaid treasure, and I should probably reduce the book value by accumulated depreciation so far.

Oh, I’ve also been studying for CFA, by the by.

Anyhoo… more Futurama. Dr Zoidberg has the coolest sideways step!


2 Responses to "futurama rocks my socks"

teehee. good self control there luv!

again, i will say this… i miss hanging out. -pout- wish we both had more time! jia you with the CFA…

i bought louboutins in hk, which cancelled off the self-control bit.

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