All grown up and nowhere to go

’tis about time for another poem!

Posted on: April 12, 2010

Forked through my wallet stained pink
Saw the blood red, purple notes
I won’t be using those in a while
Strange-shaped coins, just like my strange-shaped fears

I paid the cabby,
He shortchanged me
If you value that extra dollar much, sir,
I guess you can have it, take it – but not without my curses!

Tottered up in my new high heels, the new nude
was what the shopgirl said at Louboutin
Gripped that railing by the pool and hurled
New nude, dirty nude floated but I still felt like ash

Home to an empty home, but it’s still sweet
Although my lips taste sour and my stomach is acid
I should probably feel bitter
But sugar, we all should and could survive, I s’pose.

I forgot my daddy’s birthday.
The more meaningful the present, the harder to get.


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