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happiness on a sunday :>

Posted on: May 2, 2010

I woke up refreshed this morning after sleeping relatively early at 2 a.m (had to finish watching Grindhouse/Planet Terror first). Succumbed to my yearning for McD’s hotcakes and served generous dollops of maple syrup over my hotcakes… yum! :>

Studied Quantitative Methods in the sweltering heat & humidity. I swear, the moment I came out of the shower I started sweating. While earlier in the morning I could absorb the multifactor regression concepts pretty easily, the heat gets to me closer to noon time. Could not master heteroskedasticity significance testing. But I was still happy :> because…

ASOS is having free shipping to Singapore (& Aussie) until 3rd May! :> :> :> confirmed this promo with Zeezeetop and quickly started clicking away.

I need this dress to look feminine & demure, yet girly and approachable! Being single is hard :>

The perfect summer sandals! :>

Finally found an Alice in Wonderland-themed piece. This will go great with my metal chain necklace and new jeggings...

My new jeggings! :> For work on Fridays, weekend strollabouts, and lounging around. So versatile.

For work, so it's not even counted as an impulse buy! This will go great with my nude heels, pearl studs, & super skinny belt :>

So rare to find glads which are close-toed, and in such a nice muted shade too! For work, and also play :> Can't wait to wear them with the jeggings!

Also for work... eh, when I'm feeling naughty & rebellious. Or for night outs, when I want to look devil-may-care but cheeky. Being single is hard :>


4 Responses to "happiness on a sunday :>"

the first dress is OOS huh..i cant find it lor

really? that’s fast! within a day??

eeeks! i bought that first dress babe… haha 🙂

oh no!! serious?? :S

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