All grown up and nowhere to go

flew, floo, flue

Posted on: May 14, 2010

I’m down with the flu today. Been sniffling since yesterday and I guess a late night game at MTP after 14 hours of work doesn’t help. So am skiving off of CFA study schedule tonight to fully concentrate on a date with Glee, Gossip Girl, and many episodes of 30 Rock. And also getting lots of rest, of course.

I never realised how disgusting I was/am whenever I’m sick. At work crumpled used tissue paper scattered around my desk like confetti, and my perpetual need to drink something hot saw a tower of Babylon made of stacks of empty hot Milo cups from the vending machine.

Also, I tried to open a packet of Kong Guan biscuits (fake Oreos), but wrenched the plastic too hard that the biscuits flew out and hit me in the forehead, to the amusement of my desk neighbour.

Lowest point of my illuminated career in Xxx, I tell ya.

Seriously tired of blowing my nose on tissues, am gonna take meds and then drink Teh Botol (comfort drink). And yet, despite my mounting amount of clothes at the bottom of bed, sea of crumped tissue paper and CFA notes in the periphery I cannot help but be drawn to the new shoes / accessories page at ASOS. Curses!


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