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Posted on: July 24, 2010

It’s done. I am leaving.


hello, how are you?
how am i? perfectly fine
ignore these tear-stained cheeks will you
ignore the tremble in my voice
i am perfectly perfection

hello dear, how are you?
how am i? could be better
but generally fine, it’s nothing much
what’s wrong you say?
nothing at all! (what gave it away?
do i look pale? but i always look pale.
my eyes, downcast? gray? lightless?)

hi mum. how’s dad.
oh that? …
i don’t want to talk about it.

hey, sorry i couldn’t pick up, it was my mum.
you know how it is.
you should be honored.
i’m about to tell you something
it’s bad, real bad-
feel the gut and the wrench and the stab
in the back.
feel sorry for me.

it’s so easy to share the good news.
exciting to share the ugliness
as long as it’s other people’s
but my bad news is mine alone
thank you for taking on a piece of it.

Hoping and praying that some good things will come by August, such as…

1. That.
2. 1-week leave!
3. These:

But it is powerful. It makes or breaks people and decides between life or death, a win or a loss, success or failure. Having hope is easy, keeping it burning is harder.

But apparently Paul the octopus knows everything, so, nyehhh…

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