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Eh I discovered the below note under my draft posts… It’s dated back to 2008 I think. Wonder when and if I’ll ever feel this kind of emoness over a guy again.

I miss him.

8 hours of time difference is really cruel. My night is his day, and during the day he has to go to school which leaves us with maybe an hour of decent talk time.

I miss him physically being there. Touching his muscled arms and toned abs, wishing I have a flat tummy too…

I miss shopping with him. I miss hugging each other tightly and trying to walk at the same time.

I miss playing with his hair, flicking up the ends and messing with his parting.


Flying back home to Jakarta tomorrow to attend younger cousin’s wedding. The fact that he’s getting married at 23 when I can’t even maintain a relationship with my hairdresser is not depressing in the least. What’s depressing is the very probable likelihood that I’m not going to be able to fit into my Trixilini dress for the wedding anymore after continuous bingeing at work.

Why? Why do the gods create McDonalds breakfast with pancakes on the menu?? Why are there kaya toasts??? Worst of all, why do delicious excessively sweet teh exist? (I’m hoping all the dancing I’ve done recently has a somewhat muting effect on the fat load accumulation, but the fact that I eat before+after the dancing may have an even more muting effect on the supposed muting effect.)

Anyways, bloody jampacked flying ahead. Saturday noon to Jakarta, wedding on Sunday, then we’re off to a Bali “family holiday” on Monday. Flying back to Jakarta on Thursday, Christmas on Friday, then back to Sing on Saturday night.

“Then… when would we have time to shop?” I asked my dad (I’d wanted to restock my Indo-translated Jap comics). But does he care? NOOOOO.

Anyways, it’s midnight and I’ve yet to coordinate space for the three pairs of heels I’m bringing into half a suitcase (my space allocation, as sharing with younger sis… I’m hoping to invade some of her territories). Adios!

My tenacity amazes me sometimes. After ramen dinner with Zee, I got home and finally used my long-forgotten facial scrub/mask combo. It’s just one of those nights when you feel like slapping mud on your face, I guess. I’m proud of myself for having massaged nutrients onto my facial skin cells for 20 minutes straight before rinsing it all off. It feels so fresh afterwards! (of course I also look like shit, raw skin and all). And then… and then… I actually used my Origins no puffy eyes eye gel! Like, zomg. I’ll be a beauty pageant winner in no time surely, if this regime ensues.

This is such a cost-saving exercise, now I can save all the moolah I previously spent on Jurlique facials… and spend it on shoes! WOO HOOOO!

There was an earthquake earlier. I got dizzy trying to update some of our charts while the whole building wobbled rhythmically. It felt a bit like motion sickness from a boat ride, and I don’t even get motion sickness. B-A-D.

And speaking about bad, herewith is the promised BAD GALness from a previous post, transiting into weekend-effortless-slackeroo outfits.

“Very Motion”, says Jing



Tee from a random shop and DIY torn, ZARA boyfriend blazer, ASOS gold-lined skinny trousers, H&M sunnies, Dorothy Perkins oversized gold clutch, Aldo pumps

Ride It Like You Stole It



Forever21 ‘ride it like you stole it’ graphic tank, Forever21 leather shorts, ZARA boyfriend blazer, Forever21 long chain, Aldo zip-detail heels

Army Boy, Except It’s A Girl & With Studs




Forever21 zip-detail bodysuit, Forever21 jeggings, ZARA crinkle crop jacket, Pedder Red sneaker boots – WOO WAA WAA.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold, It’s Pink Sequin




Magazine-worthy beauty shot of Jing, no? Fuck bitch stop looking so hot you already have a bf.

Topshop sequinned crop top (quite a tongue twister, say it fast), Forever21 ripped jeans, Aldo zip-detail heels, my hot BFF.

Sunday Brunch Slackness with a Hint of Wedge




Asos nude dress, Primark boyfriend vest, Forever21 gladiator wedges

That’s all for Mon & Jing’s mostly boomz photoshoot. I feel like doing another one after our Asos shipment comes… Hur hur. It’s like photowhoring, but in different outfits. Revelation.

I stuttered for the first time since donkey years. Swoon.

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she’ll feel compelled to justify the existence of the moutain of clothes at the bottom of her bed by doing DIY shoots in them. This is a rite of passage often overlooked in one’s happening schedule, but inevitably evoked by the need to procrastinate from GMAT.

So here goes, there’s even a theme transitioning from royal elegance (buhaha) to rock star BAD GAL. BADDD GALLLLL.

Yes, This Is Normally How I Dress At Home




Trixilini dress, Forever21 beaded hairband, Forever21 cascading chain choker

Flower Girl At A Wedding



Asos dress, Forever21 hairband

Atas Stepfordian Wife



Asos nude dress (worn as top), Diane von Furstenberg geometric skirt, Primark pearls

Princess Tam-Tam in The Jungle



Warehouse lepperd preenz dress (can’t… resist… ris low…), Primark pearls

Get Me Some Real Ballet Shoes



Asos cutout back top (but cannot see), Warehouse tulle skirt, Aldo zip-detail heels, Aldo classic black heels, Forever21 bangle

Friday Work Outfit (When You Don’t Have to Stay Back)




Zara chain-detail bubble hem dress, Aldo zip-detail heels

And the BAD GALness is coming in the next post. Sleepytime, after being bugged by Jing to see 1,049 Bangkok hotels before we decided to be cheapos and go with Baiyoke Boutique. Corrr… can’t wait for our trip. I’m aiming to be a triathlete specializing in massages, bargain-shopping and eating. It’s a tough road to go but I shall train my darnedest to be the best massage-shop-eat triathlete there is in the whole universe of massage-shop-eat triathlon.

Ahh… What a lovely Monday it’s turned out to be. I’m stress-free because it’s my last rotation day and I’ve completed the big presentation the previous Friday. Got in to office at 9.30 AM and have just been wrapping up stuff ever since – preparing for my final review, sorting through items to shred / port over, etc. Everything done in a cloud of bliss as I kept breathing in the fresh fragrance of my hair.

It’s smelling a little like my new Redken Fresh Curls shampoo & a lot like the Kerastase treatment I had last weekend. Apparently research has shown that many females feel more confident when they have a good hair day. I suppose it’s true. I’m feeling so confident now, I want to ask everyone to sniff my hair.

I have to say, my visits to Action hair salon have been really therapeutic thanks to the shampoo-orgasm, milk teas and nice blow-and-style sessions. Every time I come out my hair always feels flippy and whimsical, like I’m in a rom-com flick and I’m the leading star, walking along the street in slow-mo and about to meet my modern prince charming by accidentally bumping into him. He gets a whiff of my freshly washed hair and  forevermore views me from behind rose-tinted glasses.

Of course, it feels like that but things like that hardly happen. Bleh.

OK, time to grace the outside world with my flippy-haired presence. Kerr kerr*.

*Kerr kerr: (secondary meaning) noise one makes when feeling awfully chuffed with one’s self.

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