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New Miu Miu wallet. WHEEEE!

Also bought

Contact lens solution
CK gel pad bra
Pedder Red thongs
Dior lip gloss
iPhone back jacket


Hmmm. Pondering on what to splurge on this year. There are a few newly-identified ‘needs’, but can only satisfy one:

1. New work tote from Miu 2x or Bottega. Actually, a Kate Spade shopper would be much cheaper, but not really work-appropriate

2. Classic Louboutins – Bananas or Decollete.

3. Dress from DvF or some crazy rock chick thing from Betsey Johnson or Vivienne Westwood

4. A Prada wallet in black, which have waited the longest time to get

Bleh why are there so many designer items to choose from, yet unaccompanied by bottomless pit for pockets… 😦

Zee and Marc’s wedding yesterday, and the ‘sisters’ were up since 5 am to prepare for the gatecrashing session. The most awful dare must be that sour / sweet / bitter / spicy one, as the ‘brothers’ had to gulp down 2 green chili with wasabi and tabasco. One of the bros, Isa, kinda sacrificed himself and ate 2 servings and became the hero of the day, sustaining stomach pains throughout, while another one was down for the count due to heatstroke.

Overall, the wedding day was lovely and touching and I’m glad I was a part of it! Zee’s the first of my good friends to get hitched, looking forward to more happiness around me *cough* Jing *cough*. The most wonderful bit was the fact that both bride & groom didn’t get lost by the event-management side of it all, you can tell that they’re truly enjoying themselves and celebrating their love. Enjoy your honeymoon guys! Love you both!

Heading for citizenship ceremony today. I converted into Sing citizenship 5 months back in August, and while I exchanged my green passport with a new red one quite quickly after that, the officials are only going to give my pink IC later today, I suppose after all the (oath) swearing and the anthem singing. It was hard to let go of my Indo-ness, but I think, at the end of the day, I will always be Indo by birth, by association (my whole famile), and by love. I love Indo for its food, its translated manga, its crazy big hairs, and my grandpa.

So the only thing I’m losing out on is the waiver of $100 entry fee to the IRs. Cha-ching!

I had one of those utterly depressing days where I feel directionless, but two things made me feel blessed.

1) Pearls got me a customized silver necklace. It says ‘Monica’ and has a butterfly next to my name… She was worried ‘cos she’d wanted it ready for Christmas, but the shipment took time. It’s really worth the wait though, and I am so thankful to know that I have at least made one dear friend from work this past year. 

2) Zee’s super-soon upcoming wedding. In just 1.5 weeks Marcs would make an honest woman out of her. I’m so happy that one of my dearest friends is taking this huge step in life… I know they’ll be so happy together (not gonna say anything more on this – supposed to give a speech on wedding night, so better save some sappy material for that).

Anyway, here’s a ‘feel blessed’ poem coughed up before I ran out of emo-ness –

I don’t need the sun to come out every day
Just every other day would do
As for the other every other day
I’d just chill with my homies

I don’t need riches or a hot set of wheels
Just a few dollars to buy tea,
And catch a bus ride to Jing’s
We’ll cut each other’s hair

I don’t need a boy to come give me flowers
Only my buddies would do,
As for the rest of the time
My mum will get me flowers (in exchange for cleaning my room)

So hey, I realize
I don’t need a hundred ways to say
I’m here, I matter, I’m happy –
Just one way,
with a smile 🙂

I can’t even write a poem out of this,
I’ll give you a word, an ‘eff’ word.


(Although, I did kind of want to curse)

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