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So today, after morning church session, my brother asked my dad if we have any laxatives in the house.

My mum doesn’t know what ‘laxatives’ mean (her command of English is limited to accounting terms and the word ‘NO’), so my brother said, “Things that make you shit.”

My mum started scolding him for not eating enough vegetables. If he’d just eaten more vegetables, he wouldn’t need laxatives in the first place. The fiber is good for him. She doesn’t understand why, why he must refuse to eat his vegetables.

So then my brother said, “It’s not for me.”

My mum asked who is it for? And my mind was going, damn is the girl he likes suffering from constipation, and does he think it’s a good idea to give laxatives as a  gift???

My brother said, “It’s for my friend. I want to put it in his food.”

So my mother used the most powerful English word ever.



A faceless someone beckons
Promises and teases
“Come away with me, you,
let’s waste time.”

One step away before
the invitation was withdrawn
drowned in the fear
of what will be, maybe.

Awake the blinding light
The sound of someone’s laughter
where is this place
where is black, and white

“Me too,”
says him
And with that
All’s well.

Not really much planned for the weekend. Nearly fell asleep in the cab on my way back home from work. And I left my Advanced Options training modules at work when I was supposed to go over them this weekend. Zzz. Well at least I passed the intermediate mods already, which means I’m not as much of a dodo as when I first started.

Should be dancing and eating dessert tomorrow, plus my sister’s birthday celebration. Mellow weekend all in all, and as I made my way to the Marina Square taxi stand earlier, I do wish I have someone to share the Friday evenings with, to do things not related to poker.

Speaking of which, yesterday we had a dinner in honour of Chris Zhuo’s birthday and he obliged me to a NLHE Heads Up. I hope he isn’t too pissed that I kept going all-in, but when a gal wants some sleep she would risk her buy-in… And anyway he folded all the time, so doesn’t matter. And he still won in the end by $4.50.

I’m super broke this month. I think I bought a total of 8 books, 2 f*** expensive shoes and 2 skirts. Going to be a man and face up to my credit card bills now. Here goes… Deep breath.

This post so meaningless. Zzz. features clothes I bought in BKK, online, and miscellaneous other places, which I can’t fit into in the end.

My fav shot from the photoshoot:


Never knew the lift corridor outside my apartment could be utilized for such purposes. This is what my parents are paying the monthly maintenance for – so I can pose in front of the emergency stairs and act chio.

So I’m not really sure about the latest swine flu update, but my doctor told me that things are stabilizing in Mexico and no new deaths have been reported. I really hope to God that this ‘flu pandemic’ has been indeed contained, because, well, I’m having flu and daddyfatfat is on flu as well and I worry for the both of us.

Also I hope we both have a speedy recovery. For me it’s ideal if I recover by tomorrow morning. I’ve been given 2 days’ MC, but I really loathe to stay away from office and not be in the midst of things.

Stupid flu.

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