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There was once a lady in white. Her long silken gown would trail behind her, making ripples like the ocean, as she walked barefooted. Her hair, as white and as long as her gown, glinted in the sun like silver strands; but it was by the moonlight that it glowed so she was bathed in a halo.

The lady in white was searching for something. She felt she had been searching for it her whole life, but that should not be the case. For she had lived a long, long life. She was older than the forests, as old as the sky. But you would not know it looking at her face. Fair, flushed with pink, she had been twenty-six years for as many centuries.

She came to a winding road lined with cottages, one night. The first was mahogany brown, with a tiny chimney. Smoke puffed out in wispy streams. A man was raking the field. One glance at her and he paused for a long second.

“I am searching for something,” she said, in a voice so whispery it kissed his ears.

The man, as if magicked, replied dazedly, “Could it be the feel of a home, comfort, and stability?”

She tilted her head. “No,” she said, and then, “I’m sorry.” She raised her hand slightly and made a tugging motion. The man’s eyes could still register the shock, but only for a half of a half of a second. For his heart had been ripped clean off him, and she was holding it in her hand.

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K spa session over. Jurlique is bloody awesome. And expensive. Deffo a luxury I can’t afford every month… Went to Action to cut bangs + wash & blow after. Shampoo-orgasm, anyone?

After such self-pampering went home to discover ASOS package hath arrived – HUZZAH! Joy oh joy. Happily tried all the items, all good except for 1 navy dress with mermaid ruffles at back which was too big – bought size 8 but think dress fits size 10 better. Giving it away as discovered no space left – let me know if you’re keen. Pic is below:


After discovering no space left, went to detox room.

Room Detox part 1

Task: Get rid of miscellaneous shopping bags lying around, bits of paper, and old shoes.
Verdict: Still have bits of paper lying around, books, boxes… detox incomplete!

Shoe inventory after discarding old unwanted pairs:
Heels – 13
Wedges – 4
Booties – 5
Flats – 10
Sneakers – 6
Slippers – 4
Grand Total – 42 pairs


Can’t wait to try their spa package out in just… 90 minutes! WOOOOOOO!

Ah. Must remember to bring the voucher for discount.

So it’s 1 AM in the morning on a Thursday and instead of getting sufficient sleep for a long workday tomorrow (looming deadlines aaack) I’m blogging.

I’m feeling excited, anticipating the arrival of my ASOS package. $300 worth of stuff, all MINE! MUHAHAHAAA… There are 10 items so it worked out to be roughly $30 per piece (including a Fred Perry tee! Now I can join the MTP FP club!), which is reasonable.

But on the sad front, the company rejected my claim for prescriptive glasses. If I’d known they’d bloody reject it because the name on the receipt is not the same as the name on their records I would not have picked a Dior frame. Their frames cost a bomb, especially strict-librarian tortoise-shell ones. Fark fark fark. What with the Milan ‘atas’ spends, I’m totally broke. Don’t think I can afford a car until a few months down the road unless a miracle happens and the co decides to triple my pay (measley at the mo’, but not complaining as feel lucky just to have a job).

Bah. Emo now. Shall take a second look at my ASOS order…

IMG_0214@ butter factory

Am listening to Sam Sparro’s Black & Gold. That song totally rocks the socks off me. ‘Cause if you’re not really here / then the stars don’t even matter’ … oh-so-tragic-romantic.

Others on playlist:

Kid Cudi’s Day ‘n Nite –> bloody addictive as well
BEP’s I Gotta Feeling
Cobra Starship’s Good Girls Go Bad

I was watching My New BFF* on and “oh emm eff gee”, this episode is super bitchy towards the end. Basically there’s one straight guy vying for the BFF spot (erm, yeah) and he went through really girly stuff like doing an obstacle course in stilettos, going to a doll shop to dress up a doll, shaving his leg because the doll told him too, blah blah blah. If I were a guy, I’d be feeling pretty eff-ed up. So when the rest pulled a prank on him I’m really not surprised at his reaction. Then the girls just started freaking out and one of them was shouting in his face.

I’m so ashamed I’m a girl! Gosh. Ridiculous behaviour and victimization of one’s self just to gain attention. This totally grossed me out… Guess that’s enough BFF-watching for now (also a bit of pink overdoze after 6 eps).

*that Paris Hilton is actually not as dumb as everyone thinks… go google her banter with some judge. I always say, the scariest bimbo is the smart one.